G R Ludviksson

Professional artist from 1992

Exhibitions in; Iceland,Denmark,UK, USA,Germany, Holland, Sweden,Austria,Belgium, Russia, Bulgaria, Canada, Greenland, Norway.






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Northern light tower

Northern Light Tower
Grótta 1991


Take of flying 1991


Weather drawing 1991








Art Museum Reykjanesby











1 prize in Germany


Leipzig 2007


Leipzig 2007


2006 oil on canvas




Memorials Art Museum


Ecco 1991


Puzzel in Paris


One minute


Daybook Rotterdam


Scaffels 1993


Rotterdam Boogee Wogee


Scaffels 1994


Borderline 1993




Performance in London UK


Sizes in Belgium


Wether in Reykjavik 1999


Elekt paintings


Elekt paintings


Image space 1


Image space 2


Image space 3


Image space 4


New works 2014

Jam namm namm - Performance

Performance in London UK

Performance in London UK

Performance in ...


Performance Take off flying hero

Performance - Take off flying Hero

Performance Last Female Supper Rotterdam


Performance How can food be art


Performance in OK Art Museum Linz Austria


Performance - Last female supper

Performance - How can art bee food

Performance in OK Art Museum Linz

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