From the art exhibition NordArt Germany 2021

Plese help me to build this project - Northern Light Tower in Iceland.

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Northern light tower

Northern Light Tower
Grótta 1991
Art Museum Reykjanesby
1 prize in Germany
2006 oil on canvas
Ecco 1991
Daybook Rotterdam
Scaffels 1994
Performance in London UK
Elekt paintings
Image space 2
Performance in London UK
Performance in ...
Take of flying 1991
Leipzig 2007
Puzzel in Paris
Scaffels 1993
Borderline 1993
Sizes in Belgium
Elekt paintings
Image space 3
Performance Last Female Supper Rotterdam
Performance Take off flying hero
Weather drawing 1991
Leipzig 2007
Memorials Art Museum
One minute
Rotterdam Boogee Wogee
Wether in Reykjavik 1999
Image space 1
Image space 4
Performance How can food be art
Performance in OK Art Museum Linz Austria

From the art exhibition NordArt in Germany 2013

Glass work 2014

Performance in Molde Norway 2013 - "Blue berry man jamm jamm"